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Confidential Shredding Case study – Off site shredding

Case study – F & R Cawley Limited in Luton

F & R cawley Ltd (Cawleys) trust Lindens Confidential to take care of all their confidential waste, good news for their customers, all their confidential documents!

Cawleys have around 200 employees with 1000s of customers and many subcontractors. These all generate sensitive paperwork, despite strenuous efforts to reduce paper in the office.

We use a couple of different types of containers for different situations. In the offices we provide standard lockable consoles and in the more ‘operational’ areas we provide 240L secure wheeled bins. Cawleys Key Accounts department has all cardboard furniture that is white, we have provided a white console to match (no it isn’t made of cardboard!).

Every 4 weeks we visit all the locations and empty or swap the containers. The paper is then taken to one of our shredders and shredded on the same day.

A Certificate of Destruction is then issued for Cawleys to keep in their records to help prove compliance with GDPR.

Shredding Vehicles in Luton

All the paper we shred is recycled, we send it all off to paper mills once it is securely shredded. 100%!

We treat all our customers the same whether a Cawleys, a small home office or a major regional hospital.

All deserve to be looked after as if they were our only customer.

We thrive on referrals and we are always looking at ways we can improve our customers experience. 

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