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Uniform Destruction

Workwear and Uniform Secure Shredding and Disposal

Imagine turning on the TV and seeing a criminal being handcuffed and dragged away by police.

Now imagine that criminal is wearing your brand…. 

It’s a difficult PR job that is needed now, your brand reputation might be seriously questioned. Then you find out the criminal has never worked for you, they just have some of your old overalls on!

The easiest way to access company, educational or domestic properties unseen is to be wearing an appropriate uniform.

To help prevent breaches of security like this we provide uniform destruction and uniform recycling services. It is also not good to send company uniforms in the regular waste stream because there can be scavengers looking for items to reuse or resell.

Once the Uniforms are destroyed we do not send the shredded material to landfill, it is all sent to make a fuel and will then be used to generate electricity.

Types of Uniforms to be Destroyed, Shredded, and turned into fuel are:

Emergency services uniform 
Corporate logo uniforms
School or University uniforms
Designer clothing
Damaged clothing
Merchandise returns
Counterfeit clothing

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