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Shredding – What is it? Why do you need it?

Shredding – Confidential Secure Service

You have a duty of care to your employees, customers/ patients.

Sometimes there is a framework in place to make it a legal requirement to have an accredited company do your shredding.

For others there is a legal requirement under GDPR to make sure no personal information is kept longer than necessary. This also covers how you store records. 

What we can do is give you the piece of mind that your redundant documents are being destroyed properly and recycled.

We will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records once they have been shredded,  which you can use to evidence good practice for both GDPR and ISO 14000

The Information Commissioners Office who regulate GDPR in the UK have recently started prosecutions against failing companies – Click here for details

As a company, we work in line with the BS EN 15713 accreditation.

We are registered with the Environment Agency and the Information Commissioners Office.

The BS EN 15713:2009 standard provides a framework of key conditions to be adhered to by companies who destroy confidential information on behalf of their customers; the security of this information being integral to this.
The system includes several conditions such as specific sizes to shred to, and how the destruction is monitored and controlled, as well as the following core aspects:

  • Security screening of personnel
  • Premises Security
  • How sensitive information is collected, retained and transferred
  • Security measures during destruction of materials
  • Management and control of confidential material destruction
  • Traceability of the destruction process

These elements mean that when we collect, transport, destroy and provide reports about the confidential information we destroy for our customers. customers can be assured that shredding is carried out in the most secure manner possible.

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