Lindens Confidential can source and supply an extensive range of internal confidential waste bins from smart and discreet wooden consoles to practical 2 wheeled bins with a lockable slot fed lid.



At Lindens Confidential we have two types of recycling sacks, first time users may be unsure which type to use or may be very used to one type without knowing the benefits of the other, here we explain which sack will suit your current situation, sometimes it may be a mixture of both.


Polypropylene Sacks

Woven Polypropylene sacks are the most common type of sack in the secure shredding industry, these sacks are a lightweight and waterproof sack solution. Its woven construction makes the bag strong and tear resistant. These sacks are secured by a security tag (a glorified cable tie) with an identifiable number or bar code on it. These bags can hold approx 15kg of paper for shredding. Weight tends to not be a concern with these sacks. Once the bag is ready for destruction, the sack is weighed and the security tag is cut off, the bag contents are then emptied into the shredder. The paper is then sent for reprocessing whilst the bag itself can then be reused, making this a very environmentally friendly process.


Paper Sacks

Our paper sacks manufactured from thick paper are specifically designed for confidential waste. Once filled the mouth of the shredding bags are sealed using a self-adhesive lip. This tamper evident lip prevents unauthorised access and keeps contents secure. The entire sack can then be shredded along with the contents, ensuring complete protection and confidentiality. These sacks are designed to hold approx 7-8Kgs of paper. These bags are our high security offering for documents which cannot be seen by anybody other than the person filling the sack. Due to their nature these sacks need to be stored in a dry environment. The paper sack and the contents are shredded and then sent to a UK paper mill for reprocessing into new paper products 100% recycled! 



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Paper Sack240L Secure bin

PP Sack