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Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Media Shredding

Can you afford to risk your most sensitive business and personal data?

Today, most businesses store sensitive information, highly confidential emails, invoices, and internal information on hard drives. Normal disposal leaves critical information vulnerable to exposure. Hard drive destruction is the only method of data removal that guarantees the safety of your company’s critical information.

Most IT professionals know that it’s myth that wiping a hard drive clean means that information has been removed successfully. On the contrary, the opposite is true. Your business’ safety depends on more than erasing data. Fragments of information can still remain accessible even after your hard drive has been formatted.

If the wrong individual gets a hold of your old hard drives, software is available on the internet to recover deleted data.   The only safe way for you to know that your data is inaccessible is to totally destroy the drive with our shredding service.

Once your drive(s) has been destroyed will will issue you a Certificate of Destruction verifying that your data has been destroyed.

Once the drive is shredded the shredded material then goes to be recycled.

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