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Document Shredding

On Site or Off Site Confidential Shredding available

Where appropriate we can offer confidential paper shredding in our vehicles at your premises.

For most scenarios we will collect your documents and shred them at our site in Luton. This process, known as off site, is fully documented and in line with our BS EN15713 accreditation, it tends to offer a more cost effective solution. 

Some residential areas are inaccessible to lorries or where vehicular noise or engine emissions are strictly restricted, for these locations we will collect in secure vans and shred the documents in our depot in Luton.

Regularly Scheduled Business Shredding Service

Lindens Confidential will place locked security consoles or containers in designated areas at your premises.

You fill the consoles/containers with everything to be shredded and at scheduled intervals, our security checked, staff empty the containers. The documents are then securely shredded.

You are then issued with a certificate of destruction. Destruction/shredding can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

One off Document Collection or Archive Clear out

We pick up your documents from your business or residence and securely shred them. We then issue you with a certificate of destruction as a guarantee that the documents were securely handled and destroyed by shredding. 

We have several large industrial paper shredders which can shred up to 30 tonnes of paper a day

All the paper we shred is recycled.

We bale the paper into large half tonne bales and send it to paper mills to be turned into a new paper based product.

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