You currently have documents on paper that have your customer or staff details on which now need to be destroyed to stay within GDPR regulations. 

You can get a regular collection from Lindens Confidential which can be typically weekly to every 8 weeks to suit you requirements. 

We will deliver a smart wooden office console to your place of work, we charge as little as £25 per collection for a single console. 

The console has a sack in which we come and replace as per your agreed schedule.

Benefits of using Lindens Confidential:

  • Audit trail of paperwork with a Certificate of Destruction
  • Reduction of waste in your regular bin
  • 100% recycling 

Lindens Confidential
Phoenix House
185-190 Waller Avenue
Luton LU4 9RS
Call Us on 01582 258500 Email info@lindens-confidential.co.uk

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